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“I lost 80 pounds at Body by Design and I was so impressed with the program that now I work here! It feels amazing having my life back! Not only do I look better, but I feel great too!”
-Donna G
Norwood, MA

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7 Diets You Should NEVER Try

7 Diets You Should NEVER TryI am sure we have all considered it. On those nights when we become depressed about our weight. Looking online for a ‘miracle diet’ that help us shed those pounds quickly and easily. We all know though, deep down, losing weight AND keeping it off will take a real change and will power. But over the years there have been some CRAZY ideas about how you can lose weight. Check out these 7 diet plans that have somehow had a following: Cotton Ball – Yes you heard that right, there is a diet where you EAT cotton balls. For this diet, you get a cotton ball, and then dip it into a liquid such as orange juice, or even a smoothie and then swallow it. The concept is is that the cotton balls will help fill up your stomach to make you feel full without consuming extra calories. I don’t think... read more

Gluten Free – Healthy Lifestyle or Just Another Fad Diet?

Gluten Free – Healthy Lifestyle or Just Another Fad Diet?This past weekend I attended a gluten free expo. My husband recently found out that he is gluten intolerant. So we thought, why not check this out? This expo features booths and booths of companies with samples of their product, touting ‘Gluten Free!’ and ‘It’s more healthy!’. But, one recurring theme we saw and we passed booth after booth after booth picking up samples was processed food! Almost all of it was baked goods (breads, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, etc) and SUGAR! I was SHOCKED how much sugar was in everything. We thought to ourselves, how is THIS more healthy??? I kept thinking back to the 90’s fad of all fat is bad! As long as there was little to no fat (animal fat, plant fat, it didn’t matter) it was good for you! Those 26 grams of sugar per serving, that is okay! ;) Body By Design, Norwood MA You even see... read more

Our Sugar Obsession: Hidden Sugars in Everyday Foods and 6 CRAZY Facts About Sugar

Our Sugar Obsession: Hidden Sugars in Everyday Foods and 6 CRAZY Facts About SugarIt’s that time of year again! When gorging yourself on candy becomes acceptable, especially for kids! Over the past twenty years, our country has become sugar obsessed. Our obsession with so called ‘healthy’ low-fat diet trends of the 1990’s have only compounded this problem. In fact, most ‘low-fat’ foods, are packed with extra sugar to make up for lost taste from the decreased fat. Sugar is not as harmless as we are led to believe by sugar and some food manufacturers. Read below at your own risk! 6 CRAZY Facts About Sugar Soda: Whether is filled with sugar, or ‘sugar-free’, its all bad for you. Many sodas contain high fructose corn syrup. Often toted as a the same as regular table sugar, it is not. And those sugar-free sodas that contain ingredients like aspartame, these sugar substitutes trick your brain and actually make you crave MORE sugar. And to top it off, carbonation tricks... read more

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