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“I lost 80 pounds at Body by Design and I was so impressed with the program that now I work here! It feels amazing having my life back! Not only do I look better, but I feel great too!”
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Best 6 Veggies to Eat Raw

Best 6 Veggies to Eat RawSince the beginning of time moms have been trying to get their kids to eat their greens. And now we’re here to try to convince everyone to eat his or her greens. Fresh, raw veggies are often looked down on and called rabbit food or diet food. But when you give your taste buds a chance to pause and actually taste the food, you’ll love the clean delightful flavors that are packed into fresh veggies. Along with all the flavor comes vitamins and minerals that are vital to good health. In vegetables every color represents a different nutrient or vitamin. One good rule is to aim for a wide variety of color on every plate. Raw veggies are also an excellent source of fiber. Natural occurring fiber in foods strengths the digestion system more than any over-the-counter remedy ever could. If you’re eating enough of the right fruits and veggies then there’s no need to... read more

Why Drink Spring Water

Why Drink Spring WaterDo you know what’s in your tap water? We can guarantee it’s more than just plain H2O! Across the United States there are 100s of known chemicals and contaminants in the tap water. Often the levels exceed the legal limit that has been set as a safety. Of course, this water still flows from the tap and millions of Americans are drinking it. What are the result of drinking contaminated water? It’s hard to pinpoint every single sickness and ailment that results from this less than pure water. But one result is very clear. The chemicals in the water are slowing down metabolisms and digestion. Chemicals get in the way of proper body function. So much so that people who struggle with weight loss often diet for years without knowing their water source is actually hindering their weight loss. Here’s an abbreviated list of known chemicals that have been tested in the drinking water of... read more

How to Pack a Healthy Lunch

How to Pack a Healthy LunchHanging out with co-workers at lunch can be great for the soul, but if lunch entails eating out every day—it’s actually detrimental to your health. Even the most health conscience eateries make compromises that harm your health. It’s time to become the moderator of everything you ingest. That sounds intense, but really eating well is simple once you set up a few rules and begin to follow a few routines. Before long you’ll snub your nose at fast food and junk food, in favor of the tasty and nutritious foods you’ve become accustomed to. Learn how to pack a quick and healthy lunch. Plus, try one of our favorite lunch recipes. First of all, forget everything you learned about the food pyramid in elementary school. That archaic diagram was thrown out the window ages ago. Instead the simple suggestion is to eat a clean, plant-based diet with enough protein to keep you going.... read more

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