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“I lost 80 pounds at Body by Design and I was so impressed with the program that now I work here! It feels amazing having my life back! Not only do I look better, but I feel great too!”
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Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies!Sometimes, losing weight can be tough. Sometimes, you just need a chocolate chip cookie in order to survive the rest of the day. Well, now you can do that guilt-free because we have a healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe for you, with no refined sugars or unhealthy fats! They are sweetened with honey and contain organic dark chocolate chips that will have you licking your fingers and asking for more! Guilt-free desserts - Boston Many healthy chocolate chip cookie recipes that we’ve tried in the past have fallen flat or fallen apart. But these cookies, as you can see from the photo, are fluffy, soft, and oh-so-delicious! Plus, if you store them in an air-tight container, they’ll continue to stay fresh and moist! [%sbmodule:button_report%] The hint of honey in the dough is, in our opinion, even better than regular cookie dough. They even smell like warm honey when they come fresh out of the... read more

Different Kinds of Fat

Different Kinds of FatSun Tzu said, “Know thine enemy.” When you are trying to combat any enemy, it always helps to be able to understand it more fully. And what is a worse enemy that dreaded fat? Let’s go over the basis of the different kinds of fat, and then discuss ways to get rid of them. Reduce fat in Boston White Fat Most people believe that you can gain or lose fat, but the fact is, the number of fat cells that reside in your body are determined when you are young. What happens afterwards is that your fat cells simply grow or diminish…they never actually go away. These cells are known as white fat, and, when they are at a healthy size, they can actually help your health and keep your insulin levels regulated. To keep them at a good size, you need to find out the right eating plan for your unique body type. Come... read more

The Crispiest Kale Chip Recipe You'll Ever Try

The Crispiest Kale Chip Recipe You\'ll Ever TryKale chips are absolutely delectable and so, so good for you. But sometimes, they can turn out a little bit soggy, particularly if they are left out for a day or two. Here is our best recipe for delicious, Crispy Ranch Kale Chip recipe. We have found that cooking them at a lower temperature makes the crispiness last much longer. Plus, the ranch flavoring is to die for! Kale chips are so good for you. They have many health benefits that will help with your weight loss efforts, especially! It has a good amount of fiber and sulfur, which both help you to digest food better. Fiber can help to lower your cholesterol, too. Kale also has large amounts of vitamin C, which will give a strong boost to your metabolism. Vitamin C also hydrates your system so that you can continuously have good, even, blood sugar levels. [%sbmodule:button_bodywrapoffer%] When you eat kale... read more

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